PetroPlot combines flexible drilldown trees with graphs and grids to view your time-based data. Organize your wells in a hierarchical tree with levels that you define. Then, click individual wells or groups of wells to view production data, tests, type curves, peak rate type curves, and other time data.

PetroPlot PetroPlot PetroPlot

View wells as a hierarchy. Organize your wells into a tree structure with expandable branches. Assign your own hierarchy levels to your data. Collapse and expand branches to customize level of detail.

Graph multiple data sets. Select a data set to graph with a single mouse click. Graph multiple data sets with thousands of points. Quickly and easily compare your data sets in a easy-to-use graphical environment.

Generate type curves. Select wells in the tree and create type curves and peak rate type curves. View the type curve values in a grid and export these values to Excel for further analysis.

Display calculated streams. Create calculated streams like gas/oil ratios, yields, and water cuts and graph these streams alongside your production data.

Build flexible summaries. Compare time data across individual wells. Summarize production for multiple wells. And, group production by well attributes like operator, field, or status. Powerful database queries provide lightning-fast summaries for thousands of wells.

Organize time data in grids. Display your tabular data in grids, where you can sort, group, and summarize data instantly. Export data to Excel with the push of a button.