Scatter Plots

Scatter plots display data as a collection of XY points on a graph. Any number in your database can be plotted, and multiple data sets can also be plotted together on the same scatter plot. Scatter plots excel at showing relationships between data variables, illustrating data outliers that fall outside the norm, and showing trends with curve fits through the data.

Scatter Plot Scatter Plot Scatter Plot

Graph multiple data sets. Select a data set to graph with a single mouse click. Graph multiple data sets with thousands of points. Quickly analyze your data sets in a easy-to-use graphical environment.

View trends. Fit a curve to each data set to identify trends and data direction.

Control symbol shape, size, and color. Define shapes, sizes, and colors using any number in your data set. Assign color and size gradients to your symbols based on ranges of values in a data column. Create visually stunning plots that clearly identify relationships in your data.

Configure graph appearance. Select from linear and logarithmic scales. Toggle major and minor grid lines. Add titles and legends.

Zoom and pan. Use the mousewheel or drag a zoom rectangle to zoom into areas of interest. Click and drag the graph to pan. Quick, responsive interface makes it easy to manipulate even the largest data sets.

Export and print. Copy graphs to the clipboard or export graphs to popular graphics files for easy import into other software. Print your graph just like a traditional WYSIWYG report.