Pivot Tables

Pivot tables summarize data in a grid by automatically sorting, averaging, counting, and totaling. The PetroVisual pivot table offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to quickly and easily transform your data into meaningful summaries.

Pivot Table Pivot Table Pivot Table

Create dynamic reports. Drag data columns in the pivot table to answer questions about your data. Convert hard-to-read data into compact and summarized visual reports. Examine data from multiple perspectives without the pain of hard-coding multiple custom reports.

View hierarchical data display. Arrange your data into a tree structure with expandable parents. Collapse and expand groups in your data to customize level of detail.

Drill down into your data. Double-click any data value in a pivot table to see the underlying records.

Print and export data. Move your data to Excel with a single button click. Output your pivot table data to PDF or paper just like a traditional WYSIWYG report.