The PetroForecast map presents your data on a spatially indexed, fully interactive GIS map with a variety of powerful ways to visualize your data. Create visually stunning contour maps and bubble maps to analyze thousands of data points with a single picture. Plot your map data on top of high resolution culture layers that include cities, roads, water bodies, and more. Pan, zoom, and select data points with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Take advantage of powerful spatial intelligence without paying the high costs of typical GIS software.

Maps Maps Maps

Plot thousands of data points. The PetroForecast map was specifically designed to handle thousands of data points with maximum performance.

Contour huge data sets. Create gorgeous color-filled contour maps using any numeric value in your data set. Visualize relationships between thousands of data points with a single picture. Interactively select and deselect points in the contour map to quickly customize your data analysis.

Create bubble maps for visual data comparison. Assign bubbles to your data points using any numeric value in your data set. Set bubble color, size, and value thresholds to visually compare thousands of data points.

Add labels to your data points. Label your data points with up to 8 different values from your data set. You have full control over label fonts, sizes, and colors.

Combine contours, bubbles, and labels. Create maps that use a combination of contours, bubbles, and labels for the ultimate visualization display.

Free web-based map culture layers. PetroForecast provides a free map server that streams map culture layers for state and county outlines, highways, roads, cities, urban areas, rivers, and more.

Customize map appearance. Add legends, titles, map scales, and contour scales to document your map content.

Zoom and pan. Intuitive controls provide quick interaction with the map. Click and drag to pan. Draw a zoom rectangle to zoom in, and zoom out with a single button click.

Export and print. Export map images to popular graphics files like BMP and EMF for easy import into other software. Print your map just like a traditional WYSIWYG report.