Grids are a fundamental tool for viewing and analyzing your data. Organize information in rows and columns, select which columns you want to see, define the order of the data columns, sort and subtotal grid data, and move grid data into other applications like Microsoft Excel.

Grid Grid Grid

Create custom layouts. Choose the data columns to see in the grid. Drag columns to quickly change their order. Dynamically create reports without the pain of hard-coding custom layouts.

Sort by any value. Click a column header to sort the data column. Click the column header again to reverse the sort. Sort multiple columns simply by clicking multiple column headers. Find outliers in your data instantly.

Create hierarchical subtotals. Create custom subtotals, grand totals, averages, and counts for your grid data. Collapse and expand groups in your data to customize level of detail.

Print and export data. Move your data to Excel with a single button click. Print your grid data just like a traditional WYSIWYG report.