Bar Charts

Bar charts organize data into rectangular bars with lengths that illustrate proportion. Any number in your database can be visualized as a bar chart, and you can group these numbers using any date, text, or numeric database value. Multiple data sets can also be graphed together on the same bar chart. For example, if you run a query that returns well production, you can use the bar chart to group production by operator, by county, or by field.

Bar Chart Bar Chart Bar Chart

Select bar chart data. Choose one or many numeric data sets for your bar chart. Group the data sets into bars using any text, date, or numeric data field. Configure chart bars as sums, averages, or counts of the underlying data records.

Configure bar chart appearance. Select from 2D, 3D, vertical, horizontal, and stacked bars. Add titles and legends. Rotate 3D bar charts in real-time with your mouse to create stunning visualizations.

Zooming and panning. Zoom into areas of interest on a bar chart. Scroll over a bar chart using drag-and-drop with the mouse.

Print and export bar charts. Copy your bar chart directly to Excel with a single button click. Export bar chart images to popular graphics files like PDF, GIF, and JPG for easy import into other software. Print your bar chart just like a traditional WYSIWYG report.