Technical Specifications

PetroForecast is a Microsoft .NET smart client application that was conceived and built to take full advantage of Microsoft's powerful .NET framework. The software runs on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and requires Microsoft .NET v2.0 or later.

Minimal hardware requirements. 2 gigabytes of RAM (4 gigabytes or more recommended for large data sets). 30 megabytes of disk space. Internet connection required for documentation, map layers, and software updates. 24-bit or better color depth is also recommended.

Single folder deployment. There are no system files, registry entries, or complicated installation requirements. Copy the application to a folder on your hard drive and you are ready to go!

Updates available through the Internet. We continually add improvements and enhancements to the software, and you always have access to these latest changes through the web.