BLR Digital is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, about 30 minutes outside of Denver, Colorado. We specialize in business intelligence and data visualization software. In all aspects of our development process, we emphasize clean design, ease of use, and reliable features. We believe that good software should save time and solve real world problems with minimal effort from the user. Customer feedback is the driving force behind all of our design decisions and product development.


Our corporate headquarters and mailing address is: BLR Digital, LLC
6907 N. Trailway Circle
Parker, CO 80134

We are available by phone Monday - Friday,
9am to 6pm Mountain Standard Time
(303) 885-2177

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Company Background

BLR Digital was founded in 2006 by Doug Boone, Mark Lansdown, and Jim Reyer. Since 1996, they have worked together on numerous commercial software projects, and all three partners have extensive backgrounds in application development and data management. Throughout their careers, they have seen firsthand how companies struggle with effectively using their data assets. Doug, Mark, and Jim created BLR Digital specifically to attack this important and challenging problem space.

Company Team

Doug Boone, Founder and Managing Partner

Doug Boone brings 35 years of experience in oil and gas, software, and technology. His areas of focus include software design, oil and gas forecasting, field data collection, and data management.

Doug was the VP of Production Solutions for IHS Energy and led the team that built PowerTools, a petroleum reserve analysis software package, and FieldDIRECT, a Web-based field data collection service. Over his career, he has directed the business development, software design, sales and marketing for five different commercially successful software applications. Doug also created the Petroleum Engineering ToolKit spreadsheet programs, which enjoy widespread use in the oil and gas industry.

Mark Lansdown, Founder and Managing Partner

Mark Lansdown has more than 20 years of commercial software experience, spanning development, architecture, project management, and user interface design. Mark's domain expertise covers business intelligence, data visualization, oil and gas production forecasting, and stock and options investing.

Prior to founding BLR Digital, Mark spent 12 years with IHS Energy, where he was the lead architect for PowerTools, an economic and petroleum reserve analysis system that is used by oil and gas companies all over the world. He has also held software positions with Dwight’s EnergyData, GeoGraphix, ConocoPhillips, Frontier Engineering, and IBM. Mark is the author of OptionGrid, a software package that provides data-mining and analytical tools to stock option investors.

Jim Reyer, Founder and Managing Partner

Jim Reyer's career spans more than 30 years of work in the computer software business as a programmer, manager and entrepreneur. Reyer’s work has been primarily in scientific and engineering software application development. He has extensive experience in graphics, CAD, mapping, data acquisition, data management and computational intelligence.

Jim has worked for companies ranging from startups to Bell Laboratories. He has worked independently as a contractor and consultant for the past 20 years. Jim also created Frame0, a high-speed mapping engine that has thousands of users in the oil and gas industry and is featured prominently in BLR Digital's PetroVisual platform.

Barton Torbert, Product Manager

Barton Torbert has more than 25 years of commercial software experience in software design, development, project management, data management, and user support. Bart's domain expertise covers natural resource exploration and development for both petroleum and mining. Prior to his association with BLR Digital, Bart spent 13 years with IHS Energy, where he was a lead developer for the PetroROM data on CD/DVD product and the Enerdeq web data retrieval system. He has also held software positions with Petroleum Information and GeoGraphix.